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What are ScriptureSticks?

ScriptureSticks are walking and hiking sticks, (with a higher purpose), that are harvested and handcrafted in the woods of Maine. These sticks are made in a variety of sizes, ranging from canes and childsized sticks to sticks as tall as men. They are crafted from poplar, a hardwood that is quite durable, yet light. Because of their strength and minimal weight, these sticks are ideal for tackling mountains, walking trails, or even, (perhaps the toughest trek of all), an everyday, in-town stroll. They are perfect for the nature lover in everyone, since they are fashioned from natural resources... no synthetics here! Not only do these sticks appeal to the tastes for the simple, handcrafted, and natural, they also have an extra twist that sets them apart from other walking sticks... Literally.

You see, each ScriptureStick has a selection of scripture spiraled around the length of it, hand tooled first, and then burned to withstand use and the test of time!

Our desire for each ScriptureStick, is that it not only provides many happy miles of hiking for it's owner, but that it ministers to them... and all of the folks that they will meet, each having the opportunity to read a verse of scripture!

ScriptureSticks are intended to be "sticks with a higher purpose"!

How are ScriptureSticks Made?

It all begins when Kel takes a trip out into the woods of Maine and selectively harvests the perfect poplar saplings for the job. The saplings he chooses range in character from stick straight (hehe) trees to twisted saplings, perfect for canes. Since poplar grows abundantly, they are often chosen to be thinned, as overgrowth poses as a threat to the forests. This was an important part of choosing this hardwood for Kel... he wanted to use a material that wouldn't harm the woodland environment, rather help it thrive.
Kel usually tries to harvest the poplar in the spring, when the sap runs, because the bark peels easily; allowing for hand peeling. In the off season when the bark is harder to peel, Kel uses a draw knife to take off the bark. This knife often leaves small knicks on the wood, pleasantly adding to their handcrafted character. After they are cut and peeled, the saplings are hung to dry. This process may take from several weeks up to three months. Once the saplings are dry, they are then cut to size and Kel hand sands them to smooth perfection. From this point on, it's all artistic! Kel and his wife, Cari, hand-tool scripture in spirals around the length of the sticks, and then woodburn the words to make them stand out against the light-colored hardwood. The sticks are then completed with multiple coats of finish to help them stay clean, shiny, and durable.
Walking Sticks With Purpose?

With purpose, you say? Yes, with purpose, I tell you. Most think that a walking stick is nothing more than a staff of wood, plastic, metal, or what have you, that helps you walk around in the woods... nothing more than a big piece of matter to lean on. It is... Or is it?

Well, this is not your grandma's walking stick...  Kel first started making walking sticks when he was living with his family in North Carolina. When Hurricane Floyd left a row of pear trees felled in it's wake, Kel was able to salvage some of the limbs from the trees. They reminded him of the walking cane his grandmother once used, and he was inspired to begin crafting sticks of his own. After a few weeks, Kel had managed to make several beautiful sticks, and he gave most of them away as gifts. This got him to thinking... If only he could give something more... If only he could infuse these sticks with something deeply meaningful?!?
And this is how the ScriptureStick was born.

Leave it to Kel, with his ever-imaginative mind, (and his wife, Cari, for her creativity and practicality!), to see possibility beyond a stick. Why, he thought, couldn't these sticks give a greater gift, or inspire those who receive them in a way no ordinary stick could? When you can hardly stand, he pondered, what can possibly give you the strength you never knew you had? When you fear you can go no further,  what will help you to press on, to finish the race, to achieve the goal? When your body is frail, or tired, when you see no hope in sight, what will give you hope to keep going on?  In times of impending defeat, be it a mountain, or a set of stairs, what will be there to lean on? 

Well, certainly, not an ordinary stick! It would have to be a special stick, a stick with a higher purpose! One with SCRIPTURE on it... a ScriptureStick!

This is our hope for you; that this site, and these sticks, will give you insight into deeper meaning for your life... to the ultimate support for your life. We invite you to look around, learn a bit about Kel and his wife, Cari, and about their mission. Maybe we can even help provide you, or someone you love, with a stick to lean on. Above all, we hope to shed some light onto the Man behind it all, (hint... it isn't Kel), and you might get to know Him a little better... God Bless!
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