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Thank-you for your prayer and encouragement!....
How awesome God is...

So many ScriptureSticks were given to folks along the AT, in memory, and in honor of loved ones. Some were left on the trail for a hiker to come upon and read, and, perhaps, hike with for a while. Many were also mailed to hikers and their families, folks that Kel (Stickman) met while hiking. Several were given to people along the trail by youth groups. Amazingly, 200+ ScriptureSticks were able to be given, even though Kel hiked just 800 miles, before a leg infection caused him to fall behind the group of hikers he was striving to witness to, and he returned home to Maine. Please know that none of this could have happened without your prayers and support, and the grace of our God! We, again, thank you so much!

Since returning from the A.T., Kel's hiking adventures have slowed a bit, but the opportunities to witness through the ScriptureStick Ministry have increased! We continue to "gift" hiking sticks, as we are able, and are grateful for all support recieved in this endeavor.

As for Stickman... His desire is to be out on the trail again soon! Look for him to be wandering the Maine trails, and perhaps... another attempt to minister on the A.T.!

Thanks again, and God Bless!

Kel (Stickman) & Cari Hibbard

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