Walking Sticks With A Purpose
The Plan

Our Pastor delivered a sermon close to our heart. It was the message of the Gospel...the Good News.

The Gospel...the wonderful message of hope, salvation, of deliverance from judgement. This wonderful free gift from God, that is the most important thing you will ever know...ever need to know. He  reminded us that we are to be the messengers of the Word of God. The messengers of the Good News.

"What was the 2007 AT plan?" 
Kel and Dave would begin to hike the Appalachian trail on the first of June, 2007. Starting in Maine, at Mt. Katahdin, (90 % of hikers start in Georgia at Springer Mountain) they would hike to Georgia, taking approximately 5 to 6 months to complete. Along the way, they would share the Gospel and give ScriptureSticks to 220 people, representing 1 stick given for every 10 miles of the trail! * (There were over 200 sticks given out, and Kel hiked just over 800 miles of the trail!).

"Did Kel and Dave carry the sticks the whole way?!"
The ScriptureSticks were mailed to youth groups and support people from Maine to Georgia, and were given at places along the trail. Some places were where people go for day hikes and towns where the trail goes through. They were given at events that coincided with the trail and hiking. Many were mailed to individuals that Kel met along the way. He would get their address and the verse that they wanted, and Cari would make them up and mail them off to the recipient.
The sticks were numbered up to 1000. Can you imagine 1000 sticks given and the outreach from all 1000 sticks?! As it was, The 200 + sticks were given during the hike, and many more after Kel returned home! We didn't make it to 1,000, but maybe... during his next attempt at the trail!

That was the plan. With prayer and the sponsored sticks, we were able to be God's messengers of the Gospel...The Good News.

"What happened since then? You know! 2008!"

Well, we continued to be Blessed by God! And, we continued to spread the GOOD NEWS through our ScriptureSticks! Although there wasn't much hiking during the year, there were trips to the trail to support A.T. thruhikers, and we continued to send out many ScriptureSticks. Some were purchased, some we were able to donate to worthy causes, and some we were able to "gift", reaching out to the lost, and also placing sticks in the hands of those who will minister to the unsaved! We were able to start building a supply of raw sticks, and get a bit more organized... did I mention how we were SO BLESSED?!?

"What's the plan for 2009?"

Good question! Starting today, 1/1/09, we will try to step it up a bit! No, there is no thruhike ministry planned this year... although, if the Lord should provide... ! The plan is to get a better work area, (heated would be nice!), a few much needed tools, increase the stock of ScriptureSticks, and make more frequent forays into the trails of Maine, searching for hikers to minister to. And, of course, continue to be able to "gift" sticks as often as we are able! Everything is looking up! We are so fortunate to have recently purchased a truck that is reliable, and it will help us immensely as we gather sticks, go to shows, fairs, and of course, the trails!

Please continue to support us in prayer as we attempt to continue down the paths that God leads us! Thanks!

"So... It is now January 9th, 2010! What happened in 2009? What happens next!? You know... THIS year!?!"

God blessed us so much in 2009! We didn't get all the things we would have liked, as in HEATED work area, but we did get some much needed tools, and the truck has been awesome! It has allowed us to be a help to those on the trail, providing a shuttle when we can, mostly at Stratton, and Caratunk. We assisted quite a few hikers, and we were especially blessed to help and befriend Bark and Berry, (Joel and Cortney Leachman), who were Trail Chaplains for ATServants. We did get out to a couple of fairs, and the like, trying to put Scripture in front of people through displaying, selling, and giving away ScriptureSticks. We think the "displaying" and "giving away" parts of the fair-going was a success! We are also thankful for the ScriptureSticks that were purchased, as it helps pay the way to travel and attend! There were many sticks sent out this year, and we pray that not only will they be useful in walking/hiking, but that they might witness to all who read them. We believe that the ministry was a success in 2009, because of the help we recieved from so many of you, with your prayers, words of encouragement, and of course, through your giving. ...2010! We plan to do "more of the same", and with your prayer and support, "MUCH more of the same!". We also are going to attempt getting Stickman back on trail... in 2011! A great deal of effort in 2010 will be spent in getting in shape, planning the most effective ministry for the trail, and saving/seeking/raising the funds... about $10,000. A glimpse of 2011 might, prayerfully, include finishing the A.T., starting at Springer Mtn., GA, on the 1st of March, and coming off trail at Greymoor Friary, Peekskill, NY, on June 8th, where I ended the SOBO attempt. That would be 1400 miles, hiking, and getting to know the NOBO's. It would be accomplished in 100 days, so I would have to average 14 miles per day. After coming off trail, I would be able to assist the NOBO's as they come out of NH, and through Maine. Well... that's "THE PLAN". Now we just need to wait and see what "GOD'S PLAN" is. It always is SO much better than ours!
THANK YOU for all of your support. Please continue to pray for Mrs. Stickman and I, and for the ScriptureSticks Ministry. We will pray for all of you, also! God Bless!

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